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UCLA has adopted the concept of FlexWork, which encourages our department to work in a hybrid environment. The ERRC has a small dynamic workforce dedicated to serve our constituents. Visit our Connecting During Covid section to start exploring virtual experiences, digital performances and resources that you can enjoy from home. We are still in this together.

Emeriti Retirees Relations Center

Surveys and why we do them...

The ERRC and our sister campuses generate two surveys to obtain information from emeriti and retirees. The survey questionnaires are emailed or mailed to all UC retirees and emeriti. Both produce a significant response, indicating an appreciation for having been presented a forum to communicate with the University, and a need to do so. All surveys provided information that has been used to raise awareness of staff retirees' contributions, interests, and the challenges some are facing during post-employment.

Efforts are being made by the ERRC, campus administration, and the systemwide emeriti and retirees associations to address problems confronting retirees, or highlight the accomplishments and activities of University of California retirees.

Other surveys giving voice to the emeriti and staff retirees will be conducted and included on this website, as new issues related to their experience occur.

CUCRA / CUCEA Survey Reports:

These reports describe the extent to which respondents remained committed to UC's mission, volunteering in their communities and for UC, providing professional services, publishing written works, caregiving and more. For many of these retirees, retirement did not signal a break from the University, but rather a shift in the relationship. Survey goals are to enable CUCRA and CUCEA, their member associations, and retiree centers to advocate more effectively on behalf of UC retirees. Help the UC President's Office and campus and laboratory administrators better understand the contributions made by retirees to UC and the broader community. Assist UC associations and retiree centers create and improve upon programs for retirees. Provide retirees with comprehensive information about their collective contributions and achievements.

  • CUCEA surveys document and evaluate the research, teaching and professional service of the University of California Emeriti Activity.
  • CUCRA periodically surveys University of California retirees about their activities, contributions, and accomplishments during retirement. University of California Retiree Activity Surveys
  • 2013 – 2014: Food Insecurity Survey to determine the extent to which UCLA staff retirees are affected by the phenomenon of Food Insecurity, which is described by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a “household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” At the time this survey was conducted, there were 5,986 retired staff. They were all contacted, and 1,494, or 25%, responded.
  • 2009 – 2010: UCLA Staff Retirees Participation/Achievement/Contribution (PAC) survey, which was undertaken to enable University of California and UCLA decision-makers to become more knowledgeable about staff retirees' interests and activities. The survey was structured to provide the opportunity to share information pertaining to retirees' connection to UCLA, involvement in their communities, and commitment to their own personal growth. Of the 5,770 retired staff contacted, 1,506, or 26%, responded.