Do you have a complicated problem with your medical, dental or vision plan? UC’s Health Care Facilitators offer confidential and free assistance to faculty, staff, retirees, survivors and eligible family members. If you have a problem that you have been unable to resolve by talking to your health plan, medical group, or doctor, the Health Care Facilitators may be able to assist you. They are here to help you understand and obtain the full benefits and services available from your UC-sponsored health plans.

Navigating the UC-sponsored healthcare system can be overwhelming.

More than a decade ago, the Health Care Facilitator program was introduced. Its purpose was to assist with and resolve issues and concerns pertaining to the UC healthcare plans available to eligible employees and retirees and their family members. The Facilitator provides personal guidance with regard to understanding UC-health-plan coverage, choices, and rights. This specialist equips you with benefit and service information so you can take necessary action or intervenes on your behalf with the insurance carriers. To learn more about your UC-retiree health plans visit UCnet.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing care or feel you have an escalated issue with regard to your health plan, a Health Care Facilitator may be able to help you. Before consulting the Health Care Facilitators, contact your doctor’s office, medical group, or health plan directly to try to resolve your concern. If you still need help, call your Health Care Facilitator.

Health Care Facilitator Brochure

Medical Plan Contacts

The Health Care Facilitators are there when needed, and all matters discussed are confidential.

UCLA Health Care Facilitators, Campus Human Resources, Benefits Services

Erika Castillo

Serving employees and retirees with last names A - K

(310) 794-8121

Debra Wells

Serving employees and retirees with last names L - Z

(310) 794-3057

NOTE:The UCLA Health Care Facilitator (HCF) is here to assist with escalated medical, dental and vision plan issues that you have not been able to resolve on your own. The HCF is not your first point of contact for any issue. If you have questions about your retiree check, questions about plan premiums, or enrollment process or eligibility issues (such as your plan says you and/or your dependent(s) are not covered), please contact the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) at 800-888-8267 or log into UCRAYS to contact RASC customer service from within the portal. UC retiree plans are maintained by RASC. RASC is responsible for resolving your eligibility and enrollment issues when you have retiree coverage.


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