Emeriti/Retirees Process

  1. Customer calls UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center (ERRC) at (310) 825-7456 or email emeriti@errc.ucla.edu to begin the process.
  2. ERRC submits online paperwork to Transportation Services with the customer’s information and what product they would like, parking permit or daily discounted ePermit (formerly known as ridecard).
  3. Customer has the option of purchasing an annual permit or the daily discounted ePermit option.
  4. If customer chooses the daily discounted ePermit option, the emeriti/retiree will pay the discounted rate for parking on the ePermit portal before each visit to campus.
  5. If customer chooses the parking permit option, the emeriti/retiree will pay for the permit on the ePermit portal system.
  6. The type of parking permit received is based on years of service, with the exception of emeriti permits that are offered to members of Academic Senate.
  7. For assistance with the ePermit portal system, the emeriti/retiree will call the UCLA Transportation Services Call Center at 310-794-7433.

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